About us

What is Maxicubo Self Storage?

Space you want, when you want

How many times did you need some extra space for the Christmas tree, the decorations, the change of wardrobe or simply for the toys and school notebooks of your children, but you had to give up the idea of a box for rent because of contract timing being too binding, because of a high bail or, mostly, because of poor security?
Self Storages are ment to solve this kind of problems. First of all it allows you to choose spaces of any square footage, ranging from 1 sq m to 50 sq m, in order to adapt space to your needs and not the opposite. Contracts can last as long as you need and only need a 15 days’ notice when you no longer need your space. H24 access to your box is granted by a customizable pin code system that allows
opening and closing through a log-in and log-out procedure.

Our spaces are especially useful for businesses and companies that face temporary or ongoing problems due to the lack of space.

We are waiting for you to visit Maxicubo in order to show you our structure and all of the services we offer.

Virtual tour

When you rent a box in Maxicubo it is crucial for us to make you feel at ease in our self storage.
That’s why we give you the chance to discover  the interiors of our structure.
All of our staff is available for any information you should need and for helping you finding the fitting solution for your needs.