Your goods are always safe in Maxicubo

When you deposit your personal or company goods you need to be sure that they are safe under any point of view. Our storages are built with high quality materials from US Door & Building Components, leader company on the american market for the supply of plates and dividers for self storage boxes. Said materials are very flexible yet strongly resistant and grant shock absorption during the handling of goods. Since aesthetics is important too we took great care of our boxes in every detail.

Security of goods

  • Individually alarmed spaces
  • 24/7 access with personal pin code
  • Automatic alarm activation 15 minutes after closing the box
  • Common areas protected by video surveillance systems
  • Panic buttons to request first aid intervention

Fragile goods storage

Different goods require different treatment and fragile goods storage deserves a separate mention. Our air conditioned section is designed to store goods that require optimal environmental conditions. Our fragile goods storage is often used by antique dealers, furniture factories, collectors and anyone in possession of valuables. Contracts are monthly and renewable for as long as needed, with a 15 days’ notice before the end of the current month. Costs are slightly higher than our traditional storage rates but stress and concerns regarding the conservation of your goods are greatly lower.

  • Air conditioned boxes for fragile goods.
  • Stable temperature, around 15°C (59°F) all year long.
  • Tiled flooring.
  • Smooth and washable surfaces.
  • Forklifts, transpallet and other equipment to move fragile goods.

Goods insurance coverage

In order to fully protect your goods we subscribed an insurance agreement that covers theft, fire, natural disasters and damages that the customer could cause to the structure or other customers’ goods. With a fixed expenditure of only € 6,50 per month (less than 25 cent per day) our insurance agreement covers the customer for up to  € 3.000,00.

In case you consider that your goods require a greater protection it is possible, starting from our basic insurance agreement, to require a higher coverage or, alternately, to subscribe a different agreement independently.

In Maxicubo we work hard everyday to protect our customers under any aspect, granting the maximum security for the goods that are stored in our Self Storage.

  • Insurance Agreement covering theft, fire, natural disasters and damages to the structure and goods.
  • With just € 6,50 per month insurance coverage up to € 3.000,00.
  • Possibility of increasing insurance coverage if needed.