Your belongins are safe in Maxicubo

When we store our personal or business assets, we want to be sure that those goods will be safe under every point of view.

Our units were made with materials from leading companies in the US market for what concerns partitions and fixed structures for self-storage.

Our Self Storage facility is equipped with individually alarmed units. This means that each user has a personal and customizable pin code which allows him to access his deposit, at any time, acting only and exclusively on his alarm.

You can hace access to your units only through the pin code that you set when signing the contract. Our access management software records all incoming and outgoing movements to ensure that the situation is always under our control. Furthermore, all the common areas of our structure are equipped with a video surveillance system. The burglar alarm present in each single deposit is instead connected to an emergency service outside our office hours.


  • Spazi individualmente allarmati
  • Antifurto collegato a servizio di pronto intervento.


  • Il tuo magazzino disponibile 7 giorni su 7, 24 ore su 24;
  • Pulsanti antipanico per richiesta servizio pronto intervento immediato, H24.


  • In tutte le nostre aree comuni, interne ed esterne, sono presenti telecamere;
  • Su richiesta, è possibile monitorare anche la merce presente nel proprio box.


Not all goods require the same types of treatment: delicate goods deserve more attentions.

Paintings, antique furniture, books and prints find space in our storage units as the conditions of our structure allow them to be stored.

There is no humidity in our storage units, the goods are not exposed to sunlight and, above all, they are not exposed to changes in temperature during the year. Thanks to the thermal insulation present in the central backbone of the deposits located on the ground floor and to the skylights that can be opened on the first floor of our self-storage, we guarantee an always pleasant temperature and constant air exchange


  • Disponiamo di magazzini siti in un’area con climatizzatori;
  • Box con superfici e pavimentazione lavabile per il deposito di vini e ogni altro tipo di bevande.


  • Carrelli e transpallet per aiutarti a movimentare le tue merci;
  • Muletto elettrico con uomo a terra, su richiesta, con manovratore.


  • Convenzione con i migliori traslocatori della zona;
  • Convenzione con trasportatori a livello locale, nazionale e internazionale.


To fully protect your goods, we have adhered to an active insurance agreement against theft, fire, natural disasters and any damage that the customer could cause to the structure and the goods of other customers. With a fixed expense of just €12,20 a month our insurance agreement guarantees you for a maximum amount of €3,000.00.

If you would like to have a higher protection of your belongings, it is possible, to request a higher coverage.

In Maxicubo, we work every day to ensure that our customers are protected in every respect by guaranteeing a safe, accessible and suitable environment for any type of deposit requirement.


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